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May 16, 2008
Final thoughts before the weekend

* As it turns out, Ron Artest's media work during Saturday's Monarchs game at Arco Arena will be TV and radio. I'm told he'll do color commentary on the radio and be on TV during the second quarter. And remember, Artest is on with KHTK's Carmichael Dave tonight around 9 p.m., which should be excellent. Dave had Ron in last year and the session was top-notch, with a great mix of hoops and hilarity that Artest enjoyed so much he stayed for an hour and a half.

* Atlanta is talking to candidates for its vacant general manager position. This story, oddly enough, relates to the Kings in a small way. To see how, be sure and check out (or click, rather) tomorrow's paper.

* Get to know this web site well. For those of you who spend so much of the summer starved for hoops, this pro league at Capital Christian High in June is a must-see.

* Another reminder: A Q&A with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie will come out on Sunday. While the print version will be a "best-of" edited style, the online edition is more than twice as long.

* We have a blog software update this weekend, so this blogosphere will be out of commission at least until Monday. This being the "off"season, contributions thereafter will remain intermittent. - Sam Amick

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