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May 20, 2008
Kings to pick No. 12 in June 26 draft lottery

Margie Parilo was lucky, to be sure. Just not lucky enough.
In the NBA draft lottery in Secaucus N.J. on Tuesday, the Kings season ticket holder who was selected to represent her favorite team in the event watched as the expected outcome of a No. 12 pick indeed transpired. The Kings had a 93.55 percent of picking 12th and a combined chance of 2.54 percent chance of landing in the top three.
The outcome of the top pick was a stunner, as Chicago won it despite finishing with the ninth worst record in the league last season and having entered with a 1.70 percent chance of picking first. The second pick went to Miami, which had the league's worst record and a 25 percent chance of picking No. 1. The third pick went to Minnesota.
At Chris Webber's Center Court restaurant in Natomas, 28 members of the Parilo family joined to cheer their relative on in an event in which Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof covered the tab for the entire clan.
They wore purple t-shirts that read "Margie, Bring us Home - #1." On the back of the shirts, Parilo's lucky number of 3:33 was displayed, with her mother, Jean, explaining that her daughter's life had been strangely full of fortune-filled events that took place at that time or involved the No. 3. The fact that the event didn't take place at the time, Jean agreed, may have been what kept the Kings from being as lucky as their fan. Parilo, though, found her full 15 minutes of fame.
She sat next to Indiana team president Larry Bird and New Jersey Nets partial owner/rapper Jay-Z as the picks were announced on national television, with the musician musing that he wasn't quite as lucky as he had thought.
"I thought I was the luckiest person in the room, but I see there's a luckier person than me," he said with a laugh. - Sam Amick

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