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May 5, 2008
Random thoughts from the MIA beat writer

So the Q&A box that hasn't been answered in some time is supposed to be for Kings queries, but a popular question seems to be the one asking why I've disappeared.
The conspiracy theory that I went into hiding because of the end-of-season radio saga is way off. That's old news - no bad blood or reason to stay in that moment. Quite simply, this is the time when beat writers get their days off back.
There is no such thing during the season as off days, but I will be chiming in occasionally and get some offseason updates going here in the near future. While so many beat writers' seasons are extended by the playoffs, this is the first time since I took over full time in 2005 that a coaching search hasn't taken up much of the summer. I almost wanted to take a trip to Vegas just for the sake of nostalgia, to relive all those last-minute trips to Sin City to report on various coaching interviews.
Otherwise, I don't have much to offer at the moment. But here are a few random thoughts/updates from the last few weeks you may find interesting or entertaining...

* So much for Training Camp in Paradise 2008. While Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof had planned on holding training camp in Maui in October, I've been told the plan is off. I was rooting for Natomas all along anyway...

* When it was announced that Ron Artest had surgery on his thumb on April 24, I reached out to the Kings small forward via e-mail. His response was a bit belated, but here's Ron-Ron's reaction to getting the procedure done.
"It's all fixed up," he wrote. "My doctor is excellent and I will be back full force for next season."
And for those who didn't notice, the Denver team that could have traded for him in February but didn't was swept by the Lakers in the first round. Our own Scott Howard-Cooper was the latest to analyze the insanity of that decision.

* So Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni has permission to speak with other teams about their vacancies. This question has been bouncing around my noggin: With a coach of that kind of prominence, how many teams who still have coaches would be tempted to chat with D'Antoni and perhaps make a move?

* The Kings are well into their contest to decide the Luckiest Fan who will go the draft lottery in New York City on May 26 as a guest of the team. Let your voice be heard here in what is a very fun and fan-friendly idea. Kudos to the Maloofs for this one. If you're short on time or just don't want to watch all 12 videos, be sure and check out Paul from Yuba City. Wow dude. Wow. Represent. - Sam Amick

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