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May 31, 2008
Seeing the Shock Jock up close

I had to see for myself.

Ron Artest in studio, unfiltered and more than motivated to become a shock jock in the truest sense. So I spent an offseason Friday night hanging in the KHTK studios, where the Kings small forward once again joined Carmichael Dave and I tried my best to be a fly on the wall. Dave wouldn't let that happen, so I chimed in on occasion and even asked Ron a few questions. To anyone who listened and wondered why I let so many chances for hard-hitting queries come and go, this was not the time or place. This was, after all, Ron and Dave and Dave and Ron and the hilarious reality of an unexpected duo on the Sacramento airwaves. I'll be writing about it soon for the paper, but I had one update to share.

In relation to Artest's potential interview with John Green, Artest said they haven't actually tracked him down yet. He's confident they will, at which time the plan is for Green to fly out to Sacramento and do something in studio. Stay tuned on that. Otherwise, stay tuned to the Ron Artest show.

- Sam Amick

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