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May 15, 2008
Tidbit time...

* In reference to yesterday's post about Rick Carlisle, there were two thoughts I decided to share after the fact.
First of all, it's becoming apparent that Carlisle really wants to coach Ron Artest. I say this because when the Kings were looking for a coach last summer, Carlisle (or his representative, not sure which) called to express his interest in the position. Carlisle was clearly eager even back then to coach a team that would have Artest on board for at least one more season. That's not to say the Kings thought it was a great idea, considering part of Artest's displeasure in Indiana and his trade demand were related to his then-coach. Nonetheless, it's noteworthy that Carlisle appears to be taking this pro-Artest stance years later.
And as one reader wisely commented in the previous post, tampering could be an issue here and I'd bet money that he's already heard from the league office. It's not every day you hear coaches talk about another team's player like that. While Artest can be a free agent soon, he's still the property of the Kings.

* I was told that Cal's Ryan Anderson (an Oak Ridge High product from El Dorado Hills) will be working out with the Kings.
The big man has a lot of Spencer Hawes in his game and is in the process of gauging his draft position. Because he hasn't hired an agent, he can still return to school for his junior season and just might do so if he can't get a first-round promise.
The Kings, who will likely stay at No. 12 for the June 26 day in New York, have two second-round picks with which they'd love to pick up a first-round type talent like Anderson. That, however, is exactly what Anderson doesn't want. Or who knows, maybe he's the shock of the first round at the No. 12 spot after a wondrous workout?
As for other names to watch out for in relation to the Kings and who may be there at that spot: Italian small forward Danilo Gallinari, UCLA center Kevin Love, Texas A&M center DeAndre Jordan, and point guards who won't likely fall that far in D.J. Augustin (Texas) and Russell Westbrook (UCLA). A sleeper-type to watch in general is Nevada big man JaVale McGee. The only potential emphasis in terms of hoped-for types will be athletic big men. That, of course, could mean nothing at all since the talent vs. need debate often goes to the former when the talent is too good to pass up. Somehow moving up in the draft, however unlikely, is a real objective as well.
Lastly, CBS College Sports recently reported that Cal State Fullerton's Josh Akognon would work out with the Kings . The guard is considered a fringe second-rounder. And as I learned by way of this video , there is a Quincy Douby connection here.

* I saw some chatter online about the mysterious figure that is Ron Artest's 2008-09 salary. I'll keep trying to clear this up, but it is absolutely $7.4 million for next season.

* With the disclaimer that plans can always change at newspapers, we are planning on publishing a Q&A with Geoff Petrie on Sunday. I had lunch with the Kings basketball president on Wednesday, and he touches on a variety of offseason issues and looks back at the first season under coach Reggie Theus. - Sam Amick

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