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June 7, 2008
Draft odds and ends etc.

I received an e-mail today asking why we haven't had more coverage of the Kings' draft workout schedule, and this answer is simple. The Kings don't provide any information.

Whereas many teams around the league provide the media with comprehensive schedules of which players they're bringing in and hold interview sessions with the prospects and coaches, that's not the case here. Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie is, as we all know, more close to the vest than most and not a fan of that practice.

That being said, there are plenty of folks who hear about who's coming in so I'll get some of that info out to you all before long.

One player of note is DJ Augustin, the Texas point guard who the Kings would love to fall to No. 12. I was told yesterday that he's coming in soon, although I don't know the date. A potential second-rounder that they may have already worked out is JJ Hickson, a 6-foot-9 forward out of North Carolina State. Another intriguing prospect who will be worked out by the Kings is Mike Taylor, a 22-year-old point guard who played in the D-League last season. He had a great run at Orlando pre-draft camp, where he showed off his up-tempo game, reliable jumper and solid defense.

West Virginia small forward Joe Alexander also told the Sporting News that he would be working out with the Kings, which comes as no surprise. I'm told the Kings like Alexander's game quite a bit, with the major question as to whether he can hit the midrange shot consistently. I also found it interesting that the Kings were merely attending a group workout for Texas A&M big man DeAndre Jordan. You would think the Kings could get a private workout with Jordan, considering his stock has fallen a bit and he could certainly be there at No. 12. Eventually, I've got to think he actually comes to Sacramento.

* Another reminder that anyone with weekday evening free time and an unquenched thirst for top-notch hoops needs to head to Capital Christian High. The Sacramento Professional Developmental League is underway - more info can be found here.

* By way of Sactownroyalty, Cal grad and the most esteemed baller/blogger out there, Rod Benson, offers an entertaining interview with Ryan Anderson.

The Oak Ridge product and Cal star has been working out at St. Paul Baptist Church with trainer Guss Armstead while deciding whether to keep his name in the NBA draft. This workout at the incredible complex is essentially what I saw recently while working on this story about the Sac Pro League. Interview here.
Anderson also did a more formal interview with the media after working out in Toronto. Interview here.

* We are in the process of changing the blogosphere as it relates to the NBA and the Kings, with the ultimate plan for more folks to chime in and offer more insight and content. In the interim, I'll be chiming in occasionally here but Ailene Voisin is also offering some quality material in her domain.

* With the eternal disclaimer that plans can always change, we will publish a Ron Artest feature on Monday about his newfound radio career. Look out for that...

* And the final shameless - and not-at-all Kings related - plug: The Bee launched a fabulous new wine site that was a long time in the making. It's a wine connoisseurs' dream, and it can be found here.

- Sam Amick

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