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June 25, 2008
Draft tidbits

Thanks to Scott Howard-Cooper for doing the heavy lifting on the blog recently, but I'm back from a short respite to pull my weight.
With one day left until decision day, here's some more background info to consider as the clock continues to tick.

* The Kings may never wind up picking twelfth, as they are considering trading the pick to possibly get two picks late in the first round.
That's the hope, anyway, just as they wouldn't mind moving up a few spots to all but guarantee that the likes of D.J. Augustin would be there. It's safe to say they're not thrilled about their current spot.

The prospect of the Kings possibly moving up or down is not a new one, but I'm being told it's more likely this year than most. The thinking, in general, is that picking No. 12 means they're just out of reach of the players they want most (Augustin, Jerryd Bayless, Danilo Gallinari, Joe Alexander) and could bolster the youth movement by getting two first-rounders. You may give up a bit on the quality of talent, but the quantity is preferred.

If they stand pat, Anthony Randolph remains a likely selection based on everything I've heard. The fact that Randolph wouldn't work out for the Kings is irrelevant in terms of whether or not they'd pick him. If Randolph is gone, Roy Hibbert could - contrary to all mock drafts - be the guy at No. 12 as well.

* As I alluded to in today's piece, keep an eye on the Clippers in the draft.

They pick seventh overall and will be looking to fill their point guard vacancy. Shaun Livingston is about to become an unrestricted free agent and is no longer the point guard of the future, but the Clippers will certainly come shopping for Beno Udrih if they can't land a top-tier PG in the draft. If Donald Sterling is willing to go above the midlevel for Beno, then he'll be in a Clipper uniform. New York is also said to be interested in Udrih, as well as Dallas.

When I spoke yesterday to Udrih's agent, Marc Cornstein, he made an interesting analogy in reference to hs client's outlook on the Kings. While Udrih and Cornstein have professed their appreciation for the chance the Kings gave them last season, I asked how much that would actually come into play when it was negotiation time on July 1.
"You might be appreciative to the Sacramento Bee for the opportunity they provided for you," Cornstein said. "Maybe it's your dream job and everything you were hoping for. Now maybe the New York Times comes in, or wherever, and offers you 50 percent more - doubles your salary, triples your salary, three more years, whatever it is. I don't think that makes you disloyal (if you leave). There is a reality that comes into this also, and I think everyone on both sides of the fence realizes that."

Valid point.

* If the Kings partake in a significant draft day trade, the likes of John Salmons or possibly even Francisco Garcia could be the ones dangled as bait. - Sam Amick

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