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June 26, 2008
The final moments of maneuvering

There is at least slight shifting at the top of the draft and, in the one with real potential meaning for the Kings, the chance for more.

Milwaukee has traded Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson, a move that gives the Bucks a two-deep of Jefferson and Desmond Mason at small forward and little need to select Joe Alexander at No. 8. The intrigue is whether they are aiming for a new power forward in a few minutes when any at that pick would seem to be a reach or whether they will be content with the returning Charlie Villanueva and pick another position.

If it's power forward, Anthony Randolph comes into the picture, as long as it's a very vertical picture. Randolph is 6-10 and about 200 pounds, so he'll need to bulk up a lot, in addition to being what many teams estimate to be a couple years away from measurable contribution.

If it's another position, the Bucks could hope for Eric Gordon to play behind Michael Redd for the moment and have a successor in place to allow them to deal Redd.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that the Clippers and SuperSonics had a deal in place that would allow L.A. to jump three spots to No. 4 and while Seattle would get a future first-round pick for its troubles. Then ESPN reported wasn't set.

The trickle-down could cause a shift in point-guard selections by both or either team, to be followed by what the Bobcats (No. 9) and Pacers (11) do with their needs in question. The Kings await their decisions.

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