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June 25, 2008
Trying to read Petrie's mind

After spending almost two hours with Geoff Petrie in his office earlier in the week, I came away convinced that he is determined to bolster his frontline with the No.12 draft pick unless D.J. Augustin or Danilo Gallinari slip and become available. That doesn't appear likely. No one believes the diminutive Augustin will get past Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers at No. 11. Petrie's thought process (or so we think) goes something like this: By adding size and length to the frontcourt in this draft, it affords some flexibility for next summer's proceedings, when the Kings could very well entertain trade offers for Brad Miller as he approaches the last year of his contract.

One other thought ....
Anyone who has spent time with Petrie can attest to the fact that he is a neat freak. His house is meticulous. And while I wouldn't describe his office as messy, it sure looked like someone (even a neatnik) had been logging long hours on the premises. There isn't a couch in the room, though, so I don't suspect he slept on the premises.

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