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July 7, 2008
Artest issues statement

One week after expressing regret over his decision to not opt out of his contract, Kings small forward Ron Artest explained his frustration further in an e-mail sent to The Bee and ESPN this morning.
In its entirety...

"I made the comment about making a mistake on my opt out clause because I really did make a mistake. I had wrong info about extension options and it could have cost me a new deal. I was informed that the kings had me in their long term plans so that's why I decided to stay in contract. I just wanted to show loyalty. However when I spoke to the kings that was not an option and I grew frustrated with my decision immediately. I do apologize for being mistakenly frustrated with the kings. It was a mistake that I made and I will move on from. I dont know my future but I'm still a King Haters:)"
- Sam Amick

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