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July 1, 2008
Kings pursue Arenas?

All those Kings fans tired of their team not trying to make a major splash: Read here.
The Washington Post is reporting that none other than point guard/unrestricted free agent Gilbert Arenas received a highly-enthused phone call from a Kings rep last night who said they would do "whatever it takes" to bring him to Sacramento. I spoke with the Post's Wiz beat writer Ivan Carter at around 1 a.m., and it's safe to say he convinced me that this really did go down.

BLOG UPDATE: A Kings source was shocked by this news and said the story was way off. And since we don't even know who called Gilbert, it seems safe to say as of now that it wasn't part of the in-house plan. Crank call, maybe?

I'll try and find out who exactly called Arenas, but they were obviously proposing some sort of sign and trade in which the Wizards do the deal and essentially get their pick of the Kings' roster in return. You could, as always, involve a third team as well. And right away, you see the benefit of Ron Artest not opting out. This conversation doesn't happen if he opted out.
It's a serious long shot that Arenas would go for the plan, but it says something that the Kings are thinking this big at this moment. Hopefully I'll have more on this later today...

Beno watch

To reiterate what was below, Beno Udrih received an offer from the Kings at the start of free agency last night.
Numerous sources close to the team say it was for the full midlevel exception (approximately $6 million) and for the max term of five years. We have now entered the waiting game stage, as Udrih mulls his options and makes up his mind. - Sam Amick

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