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July 16, 2008
Ron-Ron talk heats up (and for once, he's not the one talking)

LAS VEGAS - There was a blog post that is lost forever, 500-plus words of summer league reflections that disappeared due to technical difficulties.
No matter. There's Ron Artest chatter to get back to anyways.
According to a source close to Dallas, the Mavs have offered Brandon Bass and Jerry Stackhouse for the Kings small forward. The chatter was first reported by Hoopsworld here, but I've independently confirmed the pieces in the offer. Stackhouse has a contract that's almost identical to Artest's ($7.4 million, expiring for Artest; $7 million expiring for Stackhouse), and Bass is a young beast of a big man who comes at the bargain price of $826,269 (also expiring). I can't even come close to seeing Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie doing this deal, not unless Josh Howard is involved.
And from what I'm told, that's not going to happen. As the Mavs see it, the perceived risk of taking Artest is acceptable so long as the price of getting him is Bass and Stackhouse. Lose Howard to get Artest, though, and the gamble is too great. As is always the case, though, things could change.
As far as the continuing frontrunners in the Artest sweepstakes, I've been told by a source close to the Lakers that there are no ongoing discussions. The next relevant date remains Friday, when the Lakers' deadline to match Ronny Turiaf's offer sheet passes. It's at that point the Lakers may decide to take on Kenny Thomas to fill Turiaf's old role or quite possibly engage a third team in the deal so as to avoid his contract. As for whether the Lakers have offered Lamar Odom, that hasn't officially happened but I'm told he is absolutely available. - Sam Amick

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