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July 3, 2008
The waiting game

Still looking to deal
While there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Geoff Petrie intends to trade Ron Artest as soon as possible given Ron-Ron's recent outburst and dissatisfaction with his contract situation, don't expect anything to happen before the July 9th signing date. Petrie won't make a move until Beno Udrih formally rejoins the Kings. But that doesn't mean he hasn't compiled a trade wish-list or begun entertaining offers. The same teams that were intererested in Artest before he committed to the final year (and $7.4 million) of his contract continue to find him appealing, especially in light of his expiring contract. The Lakers, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, among others, will be exchanging phone calls with in the near future.

Spencer learning quickly
One of my Kings sources told me late last night that Spencer Hawes was really upset - no surprise there - about the settlement that apparently will enable his hometown Sonics to move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. Hawes, a diehard Sonics fans, attended the Save Our Sonics rally two weeks ago at the downtown courthouse, dressed in a Gary Payton jersey. While we blue-state types might quibble about his Republican politics - the lad is the offspring of two unabashed liberals! - you have to love his passion.
Hawes, by the way, continues working toward his degree at the University of Washington. He currently is enrolled in accelerated classes.

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