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August 20, 2008
Advancing the blogosphere

Exhbiit A of the Kings blogosphere transformation is below: witness numerous writers adding Kings/NBA-related content in the dog days of summer. Meanwhile, I've been in and out a bit for the last little while here.
For some of you, there will never be enough hoops material to absorb. We're trying to keep up with the thirst, to be sure, and you can bet it will only grow from here. But there are two recent advancements I wanted to pass along for the hardcore blog readers.

1) When you tell your friends about this must-see web site address, you no longer have to take a breath in the middle before finishing. The previous lengthy URL has finally been shortened to a logical, so spread the word.

2) My apologies for allowing the Q&A portion of the site to become a Q&... We will be honing that feature leading up to the season and get back on track with answering your queries, but we (at least I) have a temporary solution to serve the same purpose. I'll be sure to browse the comments and look for questions I can answer directly there, so don't be surprised if you see myself or another of the hoops team joining the conversation.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog browsing... - Sam Amick

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