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August 6, 2008
Kings schedule announced

Feast your eyes on the just-released Kings schedule.
I'm just browsing through it myself, but a few initial thoughts come to mind...

* The four-game road trip to start marks the fifth straight time the Kings have started away from Arco Arena. That doesn't do much for hot starts, especially when it comes to the sort of mediocre teams the Kings have had these past two seasons.

* In another trend the organization could certainly do without, the Kings will not be on national television for the second consecutive season (or so I'm told, although the sked doesn't have any TV info).

BLOG CORRECTION: They had one ESPN game last year (who could forget analyst/coach Hubie Brown's incessant praising of Kevin Martin?) and two on NBATV. While the ESPN sked has been announced and doesn't include the Kings, they could still land at least one of NBATV's 96 scheduled games that have yet to be announced.

* The Kings could at least be looking at bookend victories to their season if they can handle the T-Wolves. They not only open at Minnesota on Oct. 29, but they end against Minnesota on April 15 (Not sure why the game is being played in Memphis...probably a typo)

BLOG UPDATE: The typo has been fixed.

* Assuming the Ron Artest trade goes down without a hitch on August 14, the reunion games against the Rockets are Dec. 19 at Houston, Feb. 11 at Houston, and April 9 vs. Houston at Arco.

* Am I missing something, or is there not one single trip to Oklahoma City on this schedule? I must be missing something. If not, hooray for me.

BLOG UPDATE: It turns out I was missing something, as they called Oklahoma City Seattle on the sked. That road game - in OK City - is on Feb. 8.

YET ANOTHER BLOG UPDATE: The OK City error has been fixed.

* Meanwhile, there were earlier revelations about the preseason sked thanks to Portland releasing its information a few days back. The Kings will be the honored guests for the Greg Oden coming out party in an Oct. 7 exhibition game in Portland. The Blazers come this way for an Oct. 20 preseason game.

* I'm told they could have a mid-October preseason game in Stockton. Stay tuned on that... - Sam Amick

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