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August 5, 2008
The name game

I'm a big fan of Google alerts. They come in handy when attempting to keep up with the latest chatter circulating the Web on certain Kings players. Sometimes, however, news about a different Brad Miller or Kevin Martin ends up in my e-mail. That got me thinking: What would happen if I plugged the names of all the current Kings players (pre-Aug. 14th trade), into the URL of my computer? Here's what I found: - Immediately you know this isn't the basketball players' site. This Web page is dedicated to solving the mystery surrounding the 2004 disappearance and death of a 21-year-old man. - Bet you thought this would take you to the site for the Bobby Brown, where you could read about his next fail-proof plan to make a comeback or find chat rooms dedicated to Whitney Houston bashing. However, the site actually is for Bobby Brown Bail Bonds and Investigations in Colorado Springs. - This is a visually pleasing site with a ton of information on the outgoing Kings player. You can listen to Artest's music or read about his partnership with PETA. - This isn't a site for the Kings veteran center unless he moonlights as a photographer, who specializes in shooting cars and birds (with a camera). - Bet you didn't expect the rookie to already have a site in his honor. This "Unofficial Web site of $ean $ingletary" is currently for sale, which is tastefully mentioned at the bottom of the site followed by a tag line reading: "Interested parties may contact Ezell Harris at 407-716-3617 or email him at for more details." - Read up on the Kings player's basketball career or learn how to have Abdur-Rahim Enterprises Inc., a venture capital company, invest in your business. - This is a registered domain, but there is nothing active. However, take the Jr. off his name and you get a half-finished site on his legendary father. May I recommend the "Patrick Ewing's Wife" link? Awkward. - This site may be for sale, as it states on the page. However, the price may deter interested parties. - Grab the tissues before reading this memorial page, which has an emotional account of how a father learned his son had been shot to death. - For some reason this site is forwarded to Gina the Mortgage Queen, which gives me the creeps for some reason. - Like the Kings free agent, this domain is for sale.

The following have registered domains, but not an active Web page:,,,, and

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