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August 13, 2008
The trade hour nears

The Ron Artest trade is hours from being finalized, but in typical Geoff Petrie fashion, the Kings basketball president will twist and turn until the swap with the Houston Rockets is official. He never wavers. He always sweats until the agreement has been approved by the league attorneys, which is expected to happen about 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

In a small change of pace, Petrie actually relented and recently accompanied his wife, Anne-Marie, on a long-awaited vacation to Hawaii. But let's just say, the Kings basketball president is not someone who excels at idle time. He typically gets antsy after two-three days, seldom ventures outside his zip code, and eagerly returns to the office. (My sources say he returned from Hawaii only a few days early this time).

Anyway, with both organizations determined to complete the deal, the unpredictable, but always intriguing Artest should be Yao Ming's teammate by Thursday night. Or let's just say, the Kings careers of rookies Sean Singletary and Patrick Ewing, Jr., consisted of an entertaining press conference and several not-so-impressive performances at the Las Vegas Summer League.

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