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September 30, 2008
A trip to training camp

Jason Thompson relaxed into a seat inside the Kings' practice facility after the first workout of training camp today.
"The first part of the first day went well," the rookie said after the morning non-contact session ended and players scattered into different directions.
With a swollen left eye, Thompson appeared to have taken a hit during the action.
"Oh, no," he explained. "It's a stye. I look like a pirate right now. I'm trying to not let it affect me."
Thompson said the toughest part of his job right now is learning all the plays, although he said he is a fast learner.
"But I have to learn more than one position, like I did in college," Thompson said. "So I'm going to have to learn the three, the four and the five. It's going to be tough, but I'm going to get my playbook out and since I don't have schoolwork, that will be my schoolwork."

Other notes from Day 1 of training camp:
* Coach Reggie Theus expanded on his reason for implementing the triangle offense.
"There are two types of coaches, there are coaches who put in a system and demand that players play under the system and there are coaches who try to fit the system to the players you have. I am trying to fit the system to the players we have."
So, does he think this new system will work? "I certainly hope so, it's too late now" to change it, he said.

* Kenny Thomas missed practice with a strained lower back. He said he expects to be out a couple days. For more on Thomas, check out tomorrow's paper.

* The Kings are in the midst of two-a-days, with the morning session non-contact, followed by contact in the evening. Bet you can guess which workout Kevin Martin prefers.
"I like contact practices more than non-contact," Martin said. "Tonight will be fun, because you get to talk some trash."

To hear what Theus said his goal was for today, click on the video below.

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