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September 25, 2008
Addendum to Cisco, salary caps, and more

A few basic nuggets regarding Francisco Garcia's extension and other recent events...

* This story from ESPNdeportes - by way of El Caribe of Dominican Republic - is inaccurate as it pertains to the fifth year. While they are reporting that the fifth year is worth $7 million and is Garcia's option, a source close to the negotiations tells me that the fifth year is a team option. As in the case of Mikki Moore - who will be paid $2 million of his $6 million if the Kings cut him before next season - it appears Garcia has a partial guarantee in his final year as well. What's more, Garcia is in Sacramento and not in the Dominican as the story states.

* No, it does not affect this year's salary cap. The extension begins next season.

* On that note, I have learned that the Kings may be able to get Shareef Abdur-Rahim's salary removed from this season's salary cap number after all.

My research had shown that it was too late to apply for the 2008-09 money to be taken off because he didn't make his decision to retire until this summer, but I've been told that's not the case. The key factor here is this: the first anniversary of his career-ending injury date. Because Abdur-Rahim played in fewer than 10 games, his date of career-ending injury could be deemed just after his final game played last season (Nov. 12).

If the league-appointed doctor confirms this timeline, then the Kings would apply for the relief just after that date this year and likely wind up getting the final two seasons of Abdur-Rahim's contract ($6.2 million and $6.6 million, respectively) off of their cap. Abdur-Rahim would be paid in full through the insurance company.

* Ironically, I had set up a phone interview with Francisco Garcia for this afternoon to talk about his recent trip to China. He went on a trip with international scout Jack Mai and others to assist in aid for the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake that took nearly 70,000 lives.

* I'm also supposed to catch up with Kevin Martin soon, as he recently signed a shoe deal with the Jordan shoe brand.

Martin - who will wear the shoes made in the name of his boyhood idol - spent the day with MJ himself in Portland on Wednesday in a welcome-to-the-club sort of gathering. Martin had never met Jordan, although he nearly did last season.

Kings assistant and three-time NBA champion from his Chicago days, Randy Brown, stays in touch with MJ and had a plan to spoil Martin's introduction with his idol in a scene that would have been worthy of Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd!"

Jordan was going to rip into Martin about how he's not all that good of a player, keeping it up long enough to see how Martin would react and eventually let him in on the joke and share a good laugh. Unfortunately, Jordan wound up shooting a commercial when the Kings came to town and the plan was foiled.

NEW JERSEY UNVEILED (The clothing item, not the Garden State)

While there was an Internet leak of the Kings' new jersey awhile back, the real deal will be unveiled at Arden Fair on Saturday. Click here for the info...


Martin, Bobby Jackson and Warriors guard/Sheldon High product DeMarcus Nelson were kind enough to give their time to a free kids camp in Oak Park last Saturday.

Click here for 117 pictures of the charity action.

- Sam Amick

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