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September 27, 2008
Take a peek

Beno Udrih tugged at his jersey, showing the thin material that makes up the Kings new uniforms. While the new threads appear more modern, there isn't a drastic change, other than swapping the wording on the home and away jerseys. Now, the home jersey reads "Sacramento," while the away jersey reads "Kings."
"They are great," Udrih said today after the new uniforms were unveiled at Arden Fair. "They are much lighter. I like the colors on them and they are a little different than last year. I don't know how they will be when we sweat, but for right now, they're great."
The point guard joined teammates Francisco Garcia and Jason Thompson at the event, which drew a large crowd outside Nordstrom.
After unveiling the new uniforms, the three players signed autographs for a long line of people. Many fans came prepared, bringing old souvenirs and photos. As Thompson signed a vintage Kings pennant, he blushed a little when asked what's the strangest thing he's signed.
"I don't know if I can say it," Thompson said. "But, when I first got here someone made me sign her ... I'm going to say her neck."

For more on Thompson and to see the Kings' new uniforms, check out the video below.

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