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September 2, 2008
Too new to know better

River Cats manager Todd Steverson is a native of Southern California, so that goes a long way toward explaining his NBA loyalties. Sort of. He's not a Kings fan naturally, but he's not a Lakers fan, either. The Cats' first-year manager actually supports the Clippers - and isn't afraid to say so publicly. "I go back with them to their San Diego days," Steverson recalled the other day. "Norm Nixon, all those guys. Big Clippers fan. But now ... they gave Elton Brand away, I don't even want to TALK about my Clippers. We go and get Baron Davis, and watch, he's going to want to leave."

Steverson, 36, who was 14 years old when Clips owner Donald T. Sterling relocated the franchise to the old Los Angeles Sports Arena, supported all the San Diego pro teams hough his loyalties could have been evenly split: With his parents divorcing, his mother remained in the Los Angeles area and his father moved to San Diego. As a result, he spent time in both locations.

"Loved the Chargers, too," he continued, "especially those (Don) Coryell teams. Kellen Winslow. Charlie Joiner. Wes Chandler. John Jefferson ..."

Asked whether he has developed an affinity for the Kings, the local team that plays across the river and a few miles to the north, Steverson laughed, then added: "Can't be a Kings fan. I'm a Clippers fan. People can hate me all they want, but you like who you like, right?"

Nonetheless, Steverson admitted that he doesn't wear his Clippers gear in public, at least not in Sacramento. "You think I'm crazy?" he laughed. "Down there, yeah. Up here? No way."

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