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October 29, 2008
A wild Warriors season awaits

OAKLAND - The season hasn't even begun over here yet, and it's already crazy. Don Nelson signed his contract extension. Al Harrington reportedly is demanding a trade. No one knows what Chris Mullin is thinking, or more importantly, what Chris Cohan has planned for his vice president. (The two clash over personnel matters). And if that's not enough, the starting point guard tonight against the New Orleans Hornets - former Sheldon High standout DeMarcus Nelson - a few weeks ago wasn't even expected to make the regular-season roster.

So stay tuned. Or tune out. This figures to be a very, very, very long season for the Warriors.

As an aside: Warriors assistant Stephen Silas told me his father, Paul, who was one of the game's best rebounders during his playing career, is recovering from a nine-month battle for his life. According to Stephen, Paul Silas went in for a routine colonoscopy in December, but suffered complications and went into organ failure. He was in intensive care for two months, in the hospital in Charlotte for two months after that, before finally being released. "He was out here last week," said the Warriors assistant, "and he's still walking slowly. But he's getting around a little bit. This is the best he's been since the (procedure)."

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