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October 23, 2008
Artest arrives, tells reporters "it's all business"

Ron Artest was greeted with a warm reception from the media this morning at Arco Arena, with a throng of cameras and microphones surrounding the former King.
When asked if he had a message for Kings fans, Artest politely said no. But, he does plan on going on the Carmichael Dave Show after tonight's game.
Artest insisted the only thing he's thinking about is basketball. He isn't thinking about what kind of reception he'll receive from fans when his name is announced at Arco Arena.
"You've got to understand, it's all business," Artest said. "You have to focus on the game. Right now we are on a mission."
What does he think of the Kings this season?
"They've got a good team, good players, potential," he said. "If they stay together, play hard and stay confident then they can go to the playoffs."

Kings injury update
Quincy Douby is out with a right ankle sprain.
Beno Udrih is out with a left hip flexor strain.
Francisco Garcia is out with a right calf strain.
Kenny Thomas will try to play despite lower back soreness.

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