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October 4, 2008
Camp continues (and we have the video to prove it!)

Quincy Douby came hobbling onto the practice facilty floor on Saturday, walked toward the reporter waiting for him (OK, it was me) and just didn't stop soon enough.
His already-ailing right foot nearly turned again as he stepped on my left foot, with Douby's laugh soon thereafter the first sign that he'd avoided a more serious injury once again. Media member obstacles aside, the third-year Kings guard who sprained his ankle in Friday's practice reported told me today that the ankle is swollen but that it's nothing close to a serious ankle sprain. He is hopeful to play Tuesday at Portland, but that will be determined by how he comes along in the next few days.

Other dumbed-down notes from the day (I'm not going to give everything away from tomorrow's paper)...

* As I can attest (and no one else, since I was the lone media member at practice today), this season's theme of run-run-run is already underway.

Between the line-running (suicides) that are ordered randomly or because the players a) lost a scrimmage...b) didn't execute a drill properly or...c) Insert Reggie Theus reason here, these guys should be ready to play up-tempo without getting too winded.

"You only have a week of camp, and we start playing on Tuesday," the Kings coach said. "And we don't have a team full of 10-year veterans. We have a pretty young team, and we need to be in great shape to hopefully give us an edge. I don't think we're doing an enormous amount of running. I think it's on the high end."

* Add John Salmons to the long list of people who have been impressed by rookie point guard Bobby Brown.

The Kings swingman loves Brown's ability to find his teammates and confirms the fact that he can score as well. He is speedy and up-tempo and could be making a push for minutes at the point guard spot.

* Fandemonium is tomorrow at Arco Arena. For all the particulars, click here - Sam Amick

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