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October 28, 2008
How other non-believers / realists rate the Kings (and Kevin Martin)

There are preseason predictions here, there are preseason predictions everywhere as the season begins tonight. None of them particularly encouraging for the Kings of 2008-09 heading into their debut Wednesday at Minnesota, but none of them particularly surprising either.

Some are up-to-the-minute picks from the Internet world. Some are from the preseason magazines that hit newsstands every year with the burden of mid-summer deadlines that in the past has meant going to press early enough to miss an important transaction that altered the landscape. That's where it can get tricky in the prediction biz.

No October surprises this time, so the standings are pretty accurate all the way around. Maybe the missed Golden State news that Monta Ellis hurt his ankle in August, but plenty of people would have picked the Trail Blazers and Clippers ahead of the Warriors no matter what. No real change for the Kings either way.

They're in last place in the Pacific Division all the way around and, in one case, last in the entire league. But have a nice day.

The sampling, with some making more extensive ratings than others:

Sporting News

Kings pick: Fifth in the Pacific.

Western Conference: Lakers over Hornets.

Eastern Conference: Celtics over Pistons.

Champion: Celtics over Lakers.

Ranking the shooting guards: Kevin Martin is seventh (after Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson and Manu Ginobili).


Kings pick: Fifth in the Pacific.

Western Conference: Hornets over Lakers.

Eastern Conference: Celtics over 76ers.

Champion: Hornets over Celtics.

Ranking the shooting guards: Martin is 10th (after Bryant, Wade, Andre Igoudala, Allen Iverson, Richardson, Carter, Ginobili, Brandon Roy and Mike Dunleavy).

Comment: Mike Dunleavy?!?! But at least Athlon got Roy on the list, a glaring omission by Sporting News. Roy should be on any top-10 list.
Kings pick: Fifth in the Pacific, tied for 12th in the West.

Western Conference: Lakers (seven votes from a panel of writers, editors and former players and coaches), Hornets and Rockets (four votes), Spurs (two) and Jazz (one).

Eastern Conference: Celtics (13 votes), Cavaliers (three) and Pistons (two).
Champion: Lakers (seven), Celtics (five), and Rockets, Hornets and Spurs (two).

Ranking the shooting guards: Martin is sixth (after Bryant, Ginobili, Wade. Iverson and Roy).

Comment: Grain-of-salt time. The position rankings are done by John Hollinger, a numbers guy to an extreme. He has J.R. Smith seventh and Ronnie Brewer 10th. Great stuff, as long as you're putting a team together with a calculator.

Kings pick: Fifth in Pacific.

Sports Illustrated /
Kings pick: Fifth in the Pacific, 12th in the West, and one vote from Paul Forrester as the team that will finish with the worst record in the league.
Western Conference: Spurs over Lakers.
Eastern Conference: Celtics over Cavaliers.
Champion: Spurs over Celtics.
Comment: That's Paul Forrester. F-O-R-R-E-...
Kings pick: Fifth in the Pacific, 13th in the West.
Western Conference: Lakers.
Eastern Conference: Celtics.
Ranking the shooting guards: Martin is not among the 10 players named (Bryant, Wade, Tracy McGrady, Ginobili, Johnson, Iverson, Richard Hamilton, Roy, Carter, Ray Allen).

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