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October 6, 2008
Injuries, cheating and gambling

Kevin Martin, Brad Miller and Quincy Douby are all listed as questionable for Tuesday's preseason game in Portland. Martin is nursing tendonitis in his right quadriceps and Miller strained his right quadriceps.
"They are OK," Kings coach Reggie Theus said. "They're just banged up a little bit."
Douby has been recovering from a right ankle sprain since Friday. Theus said Douby's injury followed a great performance at training camp.
"Offensively, we know what he can do," Theus said. "The way we've been playing better suits him. But, defensively, he's been pretty good. It's unfortunate that he twisted his ankle the other day, but he's been good on both ends of the court."

And now for the rest of today's action:
* Tuesday's preseason game couldn't come at a better time, Theus said. Many of the players are eager for an opponent who doesn't know their game plan.
"It's so hard to tell where you are when you are training against your own guys," Theus said. "They know the plays and they muck the plays up by cheating. It will be interesting to see what happens when we go against someone different."

* After practice today, Donte Greene greeted media while trying to hush a badgering Kings assistant coach Randy Brown.
"Don't listen to that guy," Greene said after Brown repeatedly said the rookie owed him $60.
"I was down $100 and I shot three-for-five from half court and now we're even," Greene explained. "But he wants to make up stories. I keep trying to tell him I'm one of the top shooters on the team."

* Forward Noel Felix, a former Fresno State Bulldog, said he entered Kings training camp knowing he should listen to veteran players and try to absorb their habits.
What is the best advice he's received so far?
"Slow is fast and fast is slow," Felix said. "Brad Miller told me that. When you are playing, slow is fast and fast is slow a lot of times on the court. Offensively, that means me slowing down and reading things first in order to be effective."

* With good reason, Bobby Jones considers himself a journeyman.
"I've been on seven teams and it's my third NBA year," said Jones, a training camp invitee. "Hopefully, I don't keep it up at this rate."
Jones said he felt good about his performance at Kings training camp, which is why he's not going to put too much pressure on himself during Tuesday's preseason opener against the Trailblazers.
"This one game won't make or break me," Jones said. "I've had a week of practices going against these dudes, so (the Kings coaches have) been able to watch me up close. The game does count, but I'm not going to base the week I've put up on this game, because you'll set yourself up for failure."

* Francisco Garcia referred to Kevin Martin by his new nickname.
"I call him The Face," said Garcia, referring to Martin being the face of the franchise.
So, what does Garcia fancy his nickname?
"I'm the body," he responded.

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