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October 21, 2008
Kings trim roster and other tidbits

Long after the Kings' light practice ended today, Noel Felix and Bobby Jones stayed to work on their jump shots.
A few hours later, the roster hopefuls packed their bags after the Kings announced they had requested waivers on the forwards.
The Kings' roster now is at 14 players.

Moving forward
Quincy Douby said he is eager to return to the court Thursday and improve on his resume. After speaking with his agent, Douby said he knows the Kings will not pick up his team option.
Basketball president Geoff Petrie said Monday that it was "highly unlikely" the Kings would extend Douby. The deadline is Oct. 31. Douby's option for the 2009-10 season is worth $2.2 million.
Douby has been limited since Oct. 3 with a sprained right ankle.
"It feels good to finally get on that court," Douby said. "I probably still won't be 100 percent, but I'll be 90 or 95 percent."

Dunking for dollars
Kevin Martin knew he netted more than a sweet YouTube clip Monday when he crossed over Rudy Fernandez to dunk on Greg Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge in the Kings' 112-98 loss to Portland.
Martin also won a $1,000 bet with teammate Mikki Moore on who would be the first to dunk on Oden.
"I had to go get my money," Martin said.
Asked if he knew Oden and Aldridge would be there when he crossed over Fernandez, Martin laughed.
"Them guys have 7-(foot)-5 wingspans, so even if you don't think they are going to be there, they are going to be there," Martin said. "I'm glad they were there. I got a little richer today."

Record repeat
Martin repeated a quote he said last night about not being bothered by the Kings' 1-6 exhibition record.
"There are two games where if we played our main guys in the fourth quarter, we would have won," Martin said. "Like against the Clippers. We wouldn't have lost a 17-point advantage. (The record's) not great, but it doesn't count now."

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