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November 1, 2008
A place for plugs

ORLANDO - Scott Howard-Cooper offered all the relevant data about tonight's game, freeing me up to remind you folks about a few things we have going on. The overall mission is to find new and better ways to provide the info on your favorite team, and here are a few of the latest ways...

* KINGS TEXT ALERTS - For those who just want the nitty gritty on game results and significant breaking news about the Kings, text KINGS to 72737 and you'll get free updates on your phone.

For the terms and conditions and legal speak, click here.

* CHAT FORUMS - There are certainly some high-quality Kings chat rooms out there, but remember to stop by ours if you're looking to have your thoughts read and/or replied to by the folks who cover the team. Admittedly, I'm still getting in the habit of checking in to see who's saying what but it will grow over time. Go to and click on "Kings."

BLOG UPDATE: I just posted at the latest question posed, "An 0-4 homecoming?" Feel free to refute...

* PLAYERS SALARY PAGE - By way of our Kings hub at, don't forget about the players salary page.

I just updated it to include the details of Francisco Garcia's extension, which, as it turns out, was for five years and $29.6 million and not the $29.8 million previously reported by my sources. The fifth year is a team option, meaning his guaranteed four seasons are worth $23.2 million. The current contract of every player on the team is now accounted for. To see all the pertinent info regarding a player's deal, click on "Details" on the right side.

* This is a non-Bee plug, but Kevin Martin and Bobby Jackson are conducting four 90-minute hoops clinics this month at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin.

The Tuesday sessions begin this week, run from 6:30 to 8 p.m., are geared for boys and girls ages 6 to 17 and are $200 apiece. For more info, click here. - Sam Amick

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