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November 20, 2008
Food for thought

While chatting with Kings conditioning coach Daniel Shapiro for a column in today's Bee about Spencer Hawes and his Body-By-Daniel makeover, I learned about a place near Arco Arena that does all the prep work for meals. Great. As someone who is chronically challenged in the kitchen, I probably needed to hear about this. Anyway, according to Shapiro - or "Shippy," as Hawes calls him - "Dream Dinners" prepares meals for its patrons, suggests ingredients, food groups, health hints, then sells the cuisine ready to cook.

Shapiro says that, on a given day, as many as seven Kings accompany him to the establishment and buy a few days (or months) worth of food. He also credits the concept with helping shave about seven pounds of body fat off the 7-foot, 233-pound Hawes. Gone is the body fat of a year ago. "We've got Spencer eating the meals, and he is eating so much healthier now," Shapiro told me. "It's an economic way of eating. Plus, it eliminates the fast food, which is a big thing with players."

Actually, it isn't only the players who are attracted to the fast food joints near the arena. Many an NBA beat writer has asked directions to the local In-N-Out Burger. Sorry. I have no clue. Never touch the stuff.

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