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November 23, 2008
Kings-plus-plus - John Salmons extra material delayed

I wouldn't normally be this candid, but the truth is that we plugged extra John Salmons material in today's paper and I didn't deliver.

For now, the story will have to be enough. But I will be shameless enough to pull a rare double-tease. Once I gather the audio files, a video file and transcribed material together, there is some fascinating stuff about the Kings small forward that didn't make it into the story. So look out for that.

I will also start making a habit out of making sure you folks don't forget about the conversations taking place in our Forums section. The latest question posed on our end remains - What do you make of the Kings' front-office addition?. For an update on that situation, read today's Kings notes. And for all the Kings' discussions taking place, go here.

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