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November 19, 2008
Martin's return likely to be delayed

BLOG UPDATE: To read Geoff Petrie's take on his coaching situation, click here.


I spoke to Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie this afternoon. And while I'll leave his thoughts on the coaching situation for tomorrow's paper, it's worth noting now that it appears Kevin Martin's return has been delayed.

After tonight, the Kings shooting guard will have missed six games with a sprained left ankle. Tomorrow marks the long end of his expected absence based on the original prognostications, but Petrie didn't make it sound as if Martin would be ready to play until the middle of next week at the earliest.

"Kevin is a little bit better, but he's still probably a little ways away," he said. "I'm not even saying this is possible, but maybe the middle of next week. I wouldn't say that's written in stone, though. It's getting better. It's just (a matter of) when he's going to feel comfortable just really going on it and I don't think he's gotten to that point yet."

Kings swingman Francisco Garcia (strained right calf), Petrie said, appears ready to start practicing at the end of this week. Both players stayed in Sacramento on this road trip, as did injured forward Mikki Moore (right ankle). - Sam Amick

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