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November 29, 2008
Opening tip: The Kings and their leadership issue, Part II

Mavericks (7-8) at Kings (5-13)

Scoring: Kings 12th (99), Mavericks 11th (99.3).
Shooting: Kings fourth (48.2 percent), Mavericks 18th (44.2).
Scoring defense: Kings 28th (105.6), Mavericks 17th (98.3).
Shooting defense: Kings 29th (48 percent), Mavericks third (42.6).
Turnovers: Kings 24th (16.1), Mavericks 13th (14.1),

The links: Mavericks coverage in the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star Telegram.
The almanac: On this date in 1997, the Wizards lost to the Bulls in the final game at what was then called US Airways Arena, ending a 24-year run at the Landover, Md., building. On this date in 1999, Tyrone Corbin of the Kings played his 1,000th regular-season game.


The leadership question is an actual debate now, not just one person's observations. Good. It's a very important topic in the moment and heading to the future, and so it deserves to be out there.

Don't miss the timing either. Reggie Theus was hoping someone would get angry Friday about a half after he was bothered by huge mental mistakes Wednesday -- the end of the Nets game until whatever that was in the third quarter of the Jazz game. This was not a coach flying off the handle.

Theus to Sam Amick after Friday's loss in Salt Lake City: "The one thing I would've liked to see is one of our guys get really angry ... about what was happening on the floor. Our team has a very good temperament, but somebody should've been angry about that. I see that as a leadership issue."

Fair comment. Theus risks alienating a locker room that has not rolled over on him, despite occasional evidence to the contrary, but nothing else has consistently worked to reach players. Might as well light 'em up and see if it gets a reaction.

Bobby Jackson's counterpoint in the same story: "Nobody should question our leadership. You should question our effort when we step out on the court, but don't question our leadership. Our leadership is fine. ..."

Jackson is great, everything behind the scenes that he is on the court. Passionate, straightforward, no backing down. He also has great credibility on the topic because he's one of the few vets who will hold teammates accountable. He is one of the leaders.

But as Sam later reports in postgame blogging, Jackson has a serious problem with the Kings' attitude and approach, particularly on defense.

Understatement of the season: Very fair comment.

He could have turned the locker room into scorched Earth when discussing focus, energy and intensity, and he still would be going easy on the guys. So there are obviously personality issues with this team in some form, whether the Theus interpretation or the Jackson view. Same difference, same bottom line: Too many times these Kings are not into the season.

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