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December 29, 2008
Could Martin return tomorrow? Perhaps.

Some five hours after my last post, I'm back again to amend a previous statement.

The Kevin Martin return, I've been told, could be Tuesday night against the Clippers. Now, he certainly could miss his 23rd game with this ankle injury as well, but today's practice went well enough that he is waiting until the morning to gauge the pain and feel of the ankle. Keep in mind this injury has frustrated him so much that even the slightest chance of a setback means he'll give it more time.

As I said a few days back, this was more than just an ankle sprain. The sprain is long since healed and bone bruises were the problem, with the road to recovery thrown off course quite a bit because of the original diagnosis and treatment used thereafter.

But that long and winding road led to a conversation with interim coach Kenny Natt after Monday's practice that we could see from the media room. As the two sat in seats courtside chatting, Martin grabbed the ankle on several occasions as he seemed to describe what he was feeling. Natt listened intently for several minutes, and the two parted ways with a friendly fist bump. Should Natt get Martin back in the lineup tomorrow, he just might give him an all-out hug. - Sam Amick

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