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December 29, 2008
Practice update

For the most loyal lot that is still paying attention after last night's Boston beating, there were a few notable developments revealed at practice today.

And while there will be more depth, comments etc. in tomorrow's paper, here's the Cliff Notes version ...

* Kevin Martin (left ankle) practiced again and looked good. And while I don't see him playing tomorrow at home against the Clippers, a return some time in the upcoming road trip (Jan. 2 to Jan. 6 at Detroit, Indiana, New Jersey and Chicago) is looking possible.

* Spencer Hawes has had an abdomen strain of some sort for the last couple games. He did not practice and may not play tomorrow. Even if he is available, interim coach Kenny Natt indicated that Hawes' removal from the starting lineup against Boston (in which Mikki Moore regained his spot) was a one-game change based on matchups and he is undecided as to tomorrow's lineup.

* Francisco Garcia (right calf stiffness) said he will play tomorrow. He did not play in the second half against Boston after his calf tightened up.

* Donte' Greene was excused from practice for personal reasons.

* And for those of you disgusted with this team's effort and wondering if anyone on the team understands why, take solace in the fact that Mikki Moore gets it. There will be much more of this type of material tomorrow, but here's a sneak preview in the form of a single-question Q&A ...

Q: Mikki, a lot of people don't even blame you guys and want to put it all on (Kings basketball president Geoff) Petrie for assembling this roster. That being said, how much is this group of guys underperforming as you see it?

A: Regardless of that fact, there's 300 players in the NBA, and there's how many people in the world, 10 billion? And there's only 300 people in the NBA. Wouldn't you have enough pride to go out there and compete? (I'm) not even saying (how) you're getting paid to do it, that it's your job, that it's your 9 to 5, (that) you get a check for this. You could be on the corner slinging dope or at KFC working a drive-thru or the post office. I'm not even saying that. Wouldn't you have enough pride to say, well I'm one of the 300 people who's in the NBA and go out there and compete for your recognition? That's how I feel about it. That's how I feel every time I step on the court. - Sam Amick

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