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January 29, 2009
Overtime: The looming uncertainty is certainly interesting


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BOSTON - Since it was hardly even worth recapping the game in today's story in which Brad Miller and John Salmons spoke candidly about being on the trading block, we may as well keep the theme going the morning after.

Because this team, in its current state, is obviously going nowhere.

While Salmons remains the most available King with the most value, Jim Reeves of the Fort Worth Star Telegram beat me to the punch in addressing the possibility that Beno Udrih could be on his way out too. Yesterday was the first day in which I'd heard of Dallas' interest in the Kings point guard, and it should surprise no one that they are willing to part ways with him at this point for the right package.

For as much as they hoped he would blossom after they gave him a five-year, $32 million deal over the summer, the supposed saving grace was that point guards are considered more easily movable than most. Now at that price tag and given the way he has played this season, I'm not so sure about that at the moment.

Potential pieces that could come the Kings' way here would be point guard Jose Barea (this year and next, $3.1 combined guaranteed with team option at $1.8 million for 2010-11) and perhaps Brandon Bass ($826K, expiring deal). Of course neither makes enough to get up to Udrih money, so - as has been the case since the Mavericks tried to get Ron Artest over the summer - Jerry Stackhouse and his deal ($7 million this year, $7.2 next) have likely been in the talks.


While I had a long-awaited update on the financial situation that surrounds retired forward/Kings assistant Shareef Abdur-Rahim on Wednesday, I didn't have a chance to break down the relevance beyond what was in the story (read it first if you haven't for proper context).

* Cash is King for the Kings. Everyone is hurting in this economy, and I continue to be astounded at how many cost-cutting measures I've been hearing about that are Kings-related. That being said, $6.2 million off the salary cap (and covered by insurance) is something the Maloofs like.

* Now for the part fans actually care about. If the league grants the Kings' wishes and gives takes Abdur-Rahim's $6.2 million off their cap this year, it gets them a little further away from the luxury tax and could provide some much-necessary wiggle room if they had a trade in mind in which they would have to take back a bit more than they give away.

* This blog session will be cut short at this time, as my flight from Boston (yes, I made it here, but just barely) is leaving. - Sam Amick

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