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January 15, 2009
(Quadruple) Overtime: Kings work triple OT shift to get 'W' from Ws

KINGS 135, GOLDEN STATE 133 (three overtimes)

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the video above is worth at least 10,000 or so.

And truth be told, this three hour, 11 minute marathon was tough to capture in words - let alone in the 650-word space of a game story. On the writer's side of things, it was the rare night where you wind up being envious of the fans. Why, you ask? Because when the madness comes to an end and the place is buzzing about what a wacky and wild night it was, I'm peeking at the all-powerful clock to see the ridiculous reality facing me considering our deadline is 11 p.m.

It's 10:52.

On the newspaper side of things, we certainly adjust our production process to help on these kinds of nights. The first story gets in without any quotes, and we continue to follow up as quickly as possible with additional versions of the game story being plugged in and distributed to a declining number of print subscribers as you go. The downside on my end is that the lateness of the affair means I didn't get into the joyous Kings locker room.

Our own Ailene Voisin was in there getting reaction and I've since heard a number of the interviews by way of audio files, and there was certainly a sense from all involved that - Toilet Bowl or not - it was quite a night to remember.

Admittedly, working triple overtime - and making my way back from the Bay - had everything to do with this particular 'Overtime' being delayed until the following afternoon. I'll share more of the reaction in tomorrow's paper, as there were records of various kinds broken and plenty of moments that went undiscussed in our pages. For now, the video will have to do. - Sam Amick

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