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February 17, 2009
Cassell expected to join Kings?

A source close to the Kings just confirmed an ESPN report that the Kings will likely trade a future second-round pick (which is heavily protected) to Boston for guard Sam Cassell and cash.

But while the story said the Celtics and Kings had agreed to terms, I'm told there is more to discuss on Tuesday as it pertains to the amount of money and other details. Cassell comes in the final year of his deal worth $1.2 million, and the cash coming the Kings' way is expected to be in the neighborhood of $500,000. That would just about cover Cassell's remaining wages for the rest of the season, and so the question then becomes whether the Kings - who have a roster spot available for Cassell - would bother to do this for the mere chance to have a respected veteran presence on board.

While Cassell hasn't played this season and only played in 17 games last season, he comes with three championship rings and could serve as a quasi-coach for this team that so desperately lacks leadership. While this move would open up a roster spot for a reigning champion Celtics team on the prowl for another piece, the Kings' motivation is unclear at this time.

Cassell could wind up being waived before he gets here or playing a part in something bigger the Kings have been working on trade-wise. On the surface, it makes no sense why the Kings would simply do the Celtics a favor to help with their championship run. I'm leaning toward the more to come category...

And while this news broke too late to squeeze into tomorrow's paper, I delved into some of the other possibilities in this story. - Sam Amick

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