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February 11, 2009
Opening tip: Robert Horry likes the Celtics and loves the Maloofs

Kings (11-42) at Rockets (31-21)

Scoring: Kings 13th (99.4), Rockets 18th (98.4).
Shooting: Kings tied for 24th (44.5 percent), Rockets tied for 24th (44.5).
Scoring defense: Kings 29th (109.2), Rockets 10th (95.8).
Shooting defense: Kings 30th (48.5 percent), Rockets tied for 12th (45.3).
Rebound differential: Kings 29th (minus-5.0), Rockets sixth (plus-2.5).

The link: Rockets coverage in the Houston Chronicle.
The almanac: On this date in 1970, the Hawks scored 97 points, the most ever in the second half of an NBA game, while beating the San Diego Rockets 155-131. On this date in 1978, George Gervin of the Spurs scored 23 fourth-quarter points, one more than the Warriors' aggregate. On this date in 1982, Moses Malone of the Rockets set a league record by recording 21 offensive rebounds against the SuperSonics.


Robert Horry wants to play again this season. That much is obvious after talking with him in advance of the Kings arriving in his adopted hometown of Houston and in the aftermath of the Sam Amick report that the Spurs weighed a bid for Brad Miller or John Salmons and could use Horry in a sign-and-trade for salary-cap purposes.

The important league-wide development is that Horry rates the Spurs and Celtics as his most likely landing spots. Both understandable. San Antonio is a contender and familiar from the past five seasons there and close to Houston, an important consideration to stay near his family. Boston is the defending champion and has kept him on the radar all along as a potential stretch-drive signing.

Boston, obviously, is not close to Houston. And even Horry jokes about a potential reunion with Celtics GM Danny Ainge and how it will take a nanosecond before someone posts the clip of Horry throwing a towel in the face of coach Danny Ainge when they were with the Suns. But the Celtics have the strong lure of a shot at another ring and the stronger lure of point guard Sam Cassell, a close friend from their Rockets days.

"The only person that can really talk me into Boston is Sam," Horry said.

The slightly important, mostly hilarious development for the Kings is that not only would Horry welcome any such deal, he would love it and do his best to make it real.

He can see it now: first Kings player to be booed in Sacramento. The only greater inner-turmoil for fans would have been if Phil Jackson had accepted the proposal to replace Rick Adelman as coach. Enemy at the gates!

"I heard about it," Horry said of the report that he could be included in a trade. "Trust me. If it happens, I'd be like, 'Thank you.'"

Free money. He would get millions to sort of come out of retirement for cap purposes, far more than the Spurs or Celtics or any other contender could offer, and might not even play.

"But I don't think it'll happen," he said.

No one has talked to Horry about such a move and the Spurs haven't spent time considering him as a trade chip in any deal.

If it did happen?

"It would be real funny," he said. "Here's this guy who hit a shot to help keep them from a championship, and now we're just going to give him some money.

"But I would love to come there and be part of the organization. The Maloofs are great people. They're trying to get a new arena, and Sacramento's a great city."

Being part of the organization as a player, an unofficial assistant coach, whatever way the Kings feel like he could help. Again, he doesn't think it will happen. Quite the rich Horry-Lakers-Kings plot twist to consider, though.

Coming out of semi-retirement to chase another title is more likely. The Spurs or Celtics, the Magic, Cavaliers, Rockets or Mavericks. He mentions them all. He doesn't regard a Lakers reunion as realistic -- "I love their chemistry, but I don't see myself fitting into their team." And nothing is close to happening, so much nothing that initial Sacramento-San Antonio talks never advanced and that Horry's limited contact with the Spurs has been casual conversation.

But Horry would like to be somewhere. Even Sacramento.

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