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February 23, 2009
Overtime: Hitting the links


Game story, Game notes

Box score (Video not available)

Day-after story on Kings' meet-and-greet practice

Meet the Kings' new men chart with predictions as to whether each guy returns next season (although I have no idea where Nocioni disappeared to, as he was on the list that was originally sent in. We'll use this opportunity as an incentive to read this entire post, as I'll republish my thoughts on Nocioni at the very end)

Ailene Voisin's column on the late Larry Miller

Kings week ahead (with weekly Fire and Ice feature)


No, this edition of "Overtime" wasn't delayed because it was a day on the greens (Yes, I play occassionally; And, no, I'm not any good), it was pushed back because of yet another technology malfunction.

This time it was ye' old trusty laptop taking a fatal spill. And in the spirit of the Academy Awards that were front and center tonight, we offer a screenplay version of this digital death...

(Out-of-towner sits alone at table inside Mexican restaurant in downtown Dallas, holding a hungry stomach with one hand while turning his head to see where the waitress might be. While he waits, he sets up his laptop on the table to pound out this week's Kings plus material.)

Ah, there she is, he thinks to himself as she approaches

Out-of-towner: Hi there, could I have a chicken tostada salad and a diet coke, please.

Waitress: No problem at all. It'll be right up.

(Not five seconds after the waitress walks away, the out-of-towner with the fickle appettite changes his mind. He wants a burrito instead, and decides to catch the waitress as she walks away to let her know)

(But as the out-of-towner gets out of his seat, the cord wraps around his foot like an Anaconda. A look of sheer terror races across his face.)

This can't be good, he thinks to himself.

Out-of-towner: What the...?!!

(The computer hits the floor like a basket of spilled chips. And while the system appears intact, it will soon be discovered that the keyboard no longer works. Ay caramba...)


Thanks again to Sarah Melton and Renee Felton of Dallas PR for the laptop loaner.


Not even a nomination?! Brutal. Well in all seriousness, that was my time-killing way of hiding the fact that this particular blog post will be short on real content and long on links (although the story is true). There are plenty of links above, of course, just in case you missed some of our material of the past couple of days. And there are more below, with a few Kings-related sites and stories worth checking out and other NBA-related links as well.

* We start with the material that will actually eat up a good part of your day if you choose to follow this link. And you should.

It is an article in New York Times magazine by Michael Lewis, the author of "Moneyball" fame who writes a wonderful and fascinating piece on Houston's Shane Battier and how he is an impact player in ways you've never imagined. The piece is an indictment on the conventional wisdom of box scores and age-old stats. Great stuff.

* The Jason Thompson blog - You've seen the Donte' Greene show; now read the JT blog. The rookie has been blogging away, and he also announces that he's available to be followed on Twitter as well. Let's see a spike in stalkers people: he has 107 followers as we speak and we should be able to get that number up to quadruple digits.

* The aforementioned Donte' Greene show: Always a must see, we present Episode Three. This week's antics include fellow rookies Greene and Thompson stopping by my alma mater and the quaint Hornets Nest. Trivia question: What could these Kings and those Sacramento State players possibly have in common when it comes to basketball? They both need a new arena something fierce.

* Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News answers a question I've been wondering about the Kings and the prospect of moving to San Jose and the obstacle of territorial rights as they pertain to the Warriors.

* K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune is a class guy, and he says newest Kings small forward Andres Nocioni is the same.

* As for Nocioni, what I basically wrote that was lost is this: The Kings are a bad team and the organization is in a bad place, so all the excitement in the world about the scrappy small forward couldn't keep them from listening to trade offers this summer and beyond.

So while there will always be the possibility that he could move on before his contract is up (guaranteed through 2012 with team option 2012-13), the Kings are genuinely amped up about what he could bring. It's' his attitude, the way he plays the game, the fact that he - from what I'm told - will always at least attempt to be a two-way player and can be such a top-notch agitator defensively. He can play the two, three, or four if needed, and showed the other night that guarding big men like Dirk Nowitzki is possible. His teammates have always loved him, too, which never hurts. - Sam Amick

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