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February 19, 2009
The ongoing trade string begins anew...

The directions, copied and pasted from yesterday's fun, with this thread to be updated until today's noon deadline...

It basically goes like this: hit refresh, then hit it again a little while later, then hit it again. I'll be updating this particular post with chatter of the day, although I can't adhere to any sort of update quota because I just don't know how it will go. In the event something more formal goes down, we'll break off and cover a trade in the more conventional form (an actual story).

(3:45 a.m.)

* Consider this is a teaser for the morning (Good gracious, I hope I wake up). The Bulls-Kings deal should be just fine in terms of becoming official, but Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie indicated that Drew Gooden has a groin injury that may be problematic in terms of the physical. I don't see it as a deal-breaker, but I'm starting to wonder what kind of shape Gooden will be in and whether he is in the rotation anytime soon.

* The possibilities for the final hours are too wide-ranging too speculate across the board, but Petrie certainly didn't indicate the Kings were done and there were other signs that it could be an active morning. We shall see...

(7:47 a.m.)

And we're off...

Two league sources say the Kings are closing in a deal that would send forward Shelden Williams and point guard Bobby Brown to Minnesota for guard Rashad McCants and Calvin Booth.

McCants is a fourth-year guard who will earn $2.6 million this season and be a restricted free agent this summer, while the veteran big man Booth will earn $1.1 million this season before coming off the books. While Williams is a free agent this summer, this would take the Kings off the hook for Brown's $736,420 for next season that is a player option.

(8:26 a.m.)

Sorry folks, had to pull away for a second because the Minnesota deal was actually agreed on. I'll be back here in a minute...

(9:05 a.m.)

I'll get up and running on this side again in a few minutes, but I found a story about new Kings guard McCants to pass the time. It's not quite C-Webb and Tyra as far as athlete/Hollywood relationships go, but McCants does wind up in the tabloids on occasion because of his ties with Khloe Kardashian.

(9:36 a.m.)

I just got off the phone with Andres Nocioni. He came off as a very affable guy, which is exactly what Bulls beat writer KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune told me to expect. In short, he says he's packing in Chicago and waiting for his flight directions from the Kings. There has been some question from folks around the league as to whether the Kings would move Nocioni before today's deadline, but it's looking like he's here to stay. Things can always change and sources around the league say quite a few teams have interest - and, yes, that includes Boston (a comment below alluded to a Boston Globe rumor) - but the Kings seem to really like what he can add.

(10:25 a.m.)

Still waiting on some call-backs, text-backs, e-mail backs, twitter-backs etc. Welcome to the modern world of media.

Meanwhile, say hello to the newest Kings player, the always-laughing Argentine who says of adding toughness to his new team: "I can do that. Don't worry." Now because anything can always happen and because there is some time left before the noon deadline, Nocioni was justifiably unsure as to whether he might be surprised by another trade before it's all said and done. He hadn't been given his flight plans yet, which could be nothing and could be something. But again, I really get the sense that the Kings want Nocioni in their future.


On the trade

"OK, it's good, it's good. (Laughs) I'm going to try to play hard and play my way for Sacramento. It's good."

On how he sees the fit and adding toughness to Kings

"Yeah, I can do that. Don't worry (laughs). I can do that. So now I'm waiting for the fly (flight instructions). Somebody needs to give me the information for the fly. I don't know if today, tomorrow. I'm waiting right now, you know. I'm packing my clothes and everything right now, so watch out, man (laughs)."

On his conversations so far with the Kings

"Who called me? I don't remember the names, sorry, man. I had three or four people call me and one of the guys, somebody who helps the team and working with the GM, say 'We're going to call you with flight information and everything', so I'm waiting right now. But it's OK. I'm doing my bags right now. I have time to get my clothes and have everything ready to go, so when people need (him) to go I'm going."

On whether he is wondering if he'll be traded again

"I was a little bit confused yesterday, because people called me and say, 'You were traded to Sacramento.' And now I'm like, 'I'm OK.' I have no problem, and for sure will play well for Sacramento. It's good."

On leaving the only NBA city he's ever played in.

"I have many friends here, so it's really tough right now. But this is how it is, this is the NBA and the business. Something can always happen. So I'm fine. I'm doing well, just thinking about leaving a lot of people in Chicago but I'm going to meet a lot of people in Sacramento, so it's good."

On whether he knows anybody in Sacramento

"Nope. I know nobody, so I have to meet everybody (laughs). It's normal. No problem at all."

(10:47 a.m.)

Random thoughts while we wait...

Did you know that Reggie Theus still coaches the Kings and that his team did a trade with the "Monnesota" Timberwolves today. Look closely at both links...

(11:41 p.m.)

If I didn't make it clear enough before, it really sounds as if quite a few teams are calling about Nocioni. You've got to wonder if the Kings don't get an offer they can't refuse in the next little while. There's nothing concrete to report, although the rumblings about a Boston offer are widespread.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe is reporting the Kings there has been a Kings-Celtics deal, just not one that's nearly as significant. They have reportedly agreed to a trade for Patrick O'Bryant. I need to confirm the move and his salary ($1.6 million for next season according to

(11:57 a.m.)

The O'Bryant deal may not be going down, as the Globe has changed its post to indicate it's not final.

Now, as for the Knicks talk, the Kings have been pursuing Nate Robinson and I should know in the next few minutes whether they can land him. While ESPN has reported they were turned down in a deal including Kenny Thomas going to New York for Robinson and Jared Jeffries, I just spoke with someone close to Robinson who said that Robinson had received a phone call from Mike D'Antoni, which could be the Knicks coach calling to tell his player that he had been traded or perhaps not. We'll see.

(12:20 p.m.)

O'Bryant is going to Toronto, and I'm told by the source close to Robinson that the deal with the Knicks is a no-go. I'll either have one last sign-off post or come with late news, so don't go away just yet.

(12:36 p.m.)

The Kings couldn't pull off the Nate Robinson deal in time. They did not make that deal happen, according to a source close to the situation. Despite an ESPN television report to the contrary, the deal sending Thomas to New York for Jeffries and Robinson did not go down.

(12:47 p.m.)

The Kings have waived forward Mikki Moore. I just spoke with him on the phone and will have a story up soon.

(12:51 p.m.)

I have a few more newsy tidbits, so don't go anywhere.

(12:57 p.m.)

Mikki Moore, driving to the airport as we blog...

"I found out (he was cut) about 15 minutes ago. I'm on my way to the airport now. I'm just going to say goodbye to my teammates, say goodbye to coach (Kenny) Natt and tell everybody thank you for being true to me. And then I'm going to go to the office and sign papers.

His feelings on leaving Sacramento

"It's both ways. I'm kind of glad that I'm leaving Sacramento because I thought that I was going to make a home here. Especially after having a good season in New Jersey, I thought that they wanted me and needed me here. So I was looking forward to retiring here, but it just didn't work out that way.
"(But) these are the last years of my career, so I've got to get somewhere where I'm wanted. I'm looking forward to doing something."

(1:07 p.m.)

The Kings did squeeze in one last deal, as a league source tells me they did a three-team deal in which Will Solomon and cash comes to the Kings from Boston, Toronto gets Patrick O'Bryant from Boston and the Celtics get a conditional future second round pick from the Kings.

(1:25 p.m.)

There have been plenty of teams around the league wondering if the Kings would cut Booth, but that does not appear to be the case.

(2:00 p.m.)

All right, folks, if it's OK with you I'm going to get a bite to eat now. All subsequent updates - if there are any - will be on new blog posts. I have also added new information to the more comprehensive story on all the movement of the day, so it's worth peeking at that story again.

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