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February 18, 2009
The ongoing trade string begins...

It's been a year since it was down to the wire whether Denver would include Linas Kleiza in a Ron Artest deadline deal, so I won't blame those of you who forget the rules of this game.

It basically goes like this: hit refresh, then hit it again a little while later, then hit it again. I'll be updating this particular post with chatter of the day, although I can't adhere to any sort of update quota because I just don't know how it will go. In the event something more formal goes down, we'll break off and cover a trade in the more conventional form (an actual story). Most likely, we'll reconvene and do it all over again tomorrow up until the noon deadline.

So we start here...

(11:09 a.m.)

The interest for John Salmons remains high, and a Chicago scenario reported by ESPN that would involve both Salmons and Brad Miller is a real possibility. The two sides could agree to the exact Miller-Salmons scenario laid out by Marc Stein (Andres Nocioni: three years, $22 million remaining with team option for $7.5 million in 2012-13; Drew Gooden's expiring deal worth $7.1 million) or a variation of it (For the record, I have confirmed that particular offer but there are certainly moving parts too).

Miller/Salmons for Nocioni/Gooden from a salary cap perspective: It saves the Kings $13.5 million in cap room for next year, but they add $6.9 million in 2010-11 and $6.7 million in 2011-12.

Miller/Salmons for Nocioni/Gooden from an overall financial perspective: the Kings wind up spending $25,000 more than before.

The Kings have discussed the possibility of acquiring Kirk Hinrich as well, and he could be inserted into this deal instead of Nocioni.

Miller/Salmons for Hinrich/Gooden from a salary cap perspective: It saves the Kings $11.5 million in cap room for next year, but they add $9 million in 2010-11 and $8 million in 2011-12.

Miller/Salmons for Hinrich/Gooden from an overall financial perspective: the Kings wind up spending approximately $3.4 million more than before.

* Dallas will remain in the mix for Salmons in a trade involving Jerry Stackhouse's quasi-expiring contract ($7 million this season, $2 million guaranteed next year). They like Miller too.

* New York is very involved, although I was told by league sources that they are contemplating Brad Miller or John Salmons. A package for both to be exchanged for Stephon Marbury's expiring $20.8 million deal could be attractive for the Kings, although it's not nearly as attractive as the Kenny Thomas/Miller for Marbury deal that the Knicks reportedly declined.

(11:19 a.m.)

* Rule out the Hinrich element in the Chicago talks. The framework is Gooden/Nocioni for Miller and Salmons, and it's - once again - a real possibility.

* Sources report that the Kings are also contemplating a deal that would send Miller to New York for the expiring contract of Malik Rose ($7.6 million) and Jared Jeffries ($6 million this season, $6.4 million next season, player option for $6.8 million in 2010-11). The Kings want Nate Robinson as well ($2 million expiring).

* I expect Dallas to push for Salmons over Miller.

(12:10 p.m.)

* Salmons is a popular man. And I badly wish I could share a line from one particular contact about just how popular he is (family newspaper and family blog) but I'll resort to sharing the humor around the office.

Anyway, Oklahoma City is in the mix as well with the expiring for Desmond Mason ($5.3 million) and three priceless first round picks at its disposal. San Antonio is involved as well, but doesn't appear to have enough to get it done.

* According to a Kings Twitter update, Salmons and rookie point guard Bobby Brown won't play tonight against Atlanta. Hmmm... To be fair, I wasn't aware of a Brown injury but Salmons is dealing with a back problem.

* To pass the time while you wait, go ahead and read this Newsday piece that may have just revealed that the Maloofs' financial troubles are far worse than previously thought.

UPDATE: The story was inaccurate. Read this post for more insight.

(12:32 p.m.)

* I've been told more about the Chicago-Kings deal and had the pieces confirmed.

It's Salmons and Miller for Nocioni, Gooden, Michael Ruffin (expiring worth $1.1 million) and Cedric Simmons ($1.7 million expiring). And there are indications that it's close to happening.

(12:47 p.m.)

* Kings PR man Darrin May tells me Salmons is out with the back problem and Brown has a sore left knee.

(12:51 p.m.)

* It's getting stranger by the minute. I'll say that much.

There are a few conflicting signs out there, but a top source says the Kings are talking to New Jersey about a deal that would send Miller and Salmons to the Nets for hometown boy Ryan Anderson ($1.2 million this season, $1.3 next season with two team options thereafter), Stromile Swift ($6.2 million expiring), Trenton Hassell ($4.3 million this season with $4.3 million next as player option), and Eduardo Najera ($3.4 million this season, $3.1 million in 2009-10, $2.8 million in 2010-11 and $2.6 million in 2011-12).

(1:17 p.m.)

* Per a comment about Najera's contract, I did more digging and found something interesting.

While he is on the books for $3 million in 2010-11 and $2.7 million in 2011-12, he is only guaranteed $2.5 million and $2.2 million, respectively. That's all he gets if he is waived before June 30, 2010. And there isn't a team option or a player option involved.

(1:36 p.m.)

* There are indications that the Chicago deal is close to done, and it involves Portland.

Ike Diogu comes to Kings for Ruffin.

(2:17 p.m.)

For those who hadn't noticed my extended absence, a deal has been done. As an addendum to what I reported, the Kings will likely waive Sam Cassell and could be waiving Quincy Douby in order to get their roster down to 15 players.

(2:45 p.m.)

Sources close to the team say Cassell and Douby will be waived to get to 15 players.


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