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March 1, 2009
Overtime: Waive bye-bye to Gooden and say hello to one more Kings season in Sacramento (at least)

UTAH 102, KINGS 89

Game story, Game notes

Voisin column on Kings' plans to lower ticket prices

Box score, Video recap


We're going short with this 'Overtime,' in part because it's so delayed and also because it's been a tricky enough day on the coverage front.

A 700-word story about the Kings' light schedule ahead (three games in 12 days) and what effect it could have on Kenny Natt's chances of landing the Kings job next season was swapped out because of the news of Drew Gooden's buyout. The negotiations were getting close around 7:30 p.m. and wrapped up around 8 p.m. before the Kings confirmed the news later.

The Kings obviously didn't see a future for the free-agent-to-be Gooden in Sacramento, so they cut him loose while saving $2 million and having almost all of his remaining salary from this season covered. If I'm sharing my educated guess on where he goes after clearing waivers, I say he's headed for San Antonio.

Speaking of where Kings will wind up, the NBA's deadline for relocation came and went on Sunday without anyone alerting me (or anyone else) that the end had arrived in Sacramento. There was a brief time a few weeks ago when some folks around the organization began to wonder if the Maloofs would shock the world and get out for next season, but that was never realistic. As for filing those papers by this time next year, all bets are off.

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Since I'm short on content this time around, I'll lean on the good ol' Rise Guys over at KHTK for a couple of recent segments.

Mayor Kevin Johnson talks about the Cal Expo proposal unveiling

The boys and I break down the Kings' trades

Kevin Martin's personal coach and ESPN analyst, David Thorpe, talks about his prized pupil and his team (As a side note, Martin nearly didn't play at Utah on Saturday after tweaking his left ankle a few games ago. The upcoming off days should be huge for him, though; as an additional sidenote/review, I spent some time at Thorpe's facility in Florida last summer for this piece.)
- Sam Amick

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