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March 22, 2009
Overtime: Hawes is lone highlight


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In The Bee: Ailene Voisin column on the Kings' point guard situation.

Spencer Hawes talked about his play in terms of what he should have done better. That's what good players do. They overlook their stats and stare at the final score.
That's what matters. Never mind the near triple-double Hawes put up.
"I think much like the team I didn't come out (to play) early," said Hawes, who finished with 17 points, 11 rebounds and a career-high nine assists. "I don't think I was bringing it like I should have been and I had to play catch up. At the end of the day when you lose like we did, it negates that."
The loss didn't deter 76ers staff from talking about how impressed they were with Hawes' play. Prior to Hawes declaring for the NBA Draft in 2007, the Sixers worked him out extensively and tried to move up in their pick to get him.

Sitting behind The Bee's cluster of courtside seats was a young man dressed to be seen.
Afterall, his Blake Griffin of Oklahoma jersey said it all.
"I hope the Maloofs see me," said the man, whose name I didn't catch.
He offered encouraging words for Kings coach Kenny Natt throughout the lopsided affair on Sunday night.
When the Philadelphia 76ers took a commanding 35-17 lead in the first quarter, he shouted for Natt not to worry. Surely their opponents would begin to miss soon.

There was some nice Twitter material provided during the game. First it was the Kings dancer who had her top come undone during a routine. The halter top untied and she clung to it as she managed to finish most of the dance.
Then there was the piece of gum that clung to the back Francisco Garcia's shorts. I wanted to tease Garcia about it, but he wasn't too chatty after the loss, so I left that one alone.

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