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March 12, 2009
Rough day for Donte'

Donte' Greene was still all smiles after practice on Thursday, but he had plenty of reason to frown.

One day after a Yahoo! story came out tying his name to shady dealings between agents and future NBA players and has led to an investigation at Syracuse, he now has Bobby Jackson to deal with too.

After the rookie's car was the latest to be filled with popcorn for failing at his rookie duties, , Greene vowed revenge in an interview with The Bee's Melody Gutierrez and exacted it on Jackson's car today.

Bobby 2.jpg
(Thanks to KHTK's Jodi Bacon for the pic)

This mixture of dog food, soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard left an awful stench on the vet's ride. There was chocolate on the car, too, with one ingredient being added by Jackson after the damage was done: hot water.

It's safe to say the downright foolish gutsy move has Greene in serious trouble with Jackson, which is no small thing since B-Jax is the type who always gets the last punch word in when it comes to these sorts of exchanges. Jackson had even put the warning out there the day before, saying on in a KHTK interview with Grant Napear and Mike Lamb that he would "have (Greene's) car be missiled (as in hit with a missile)" if the youngster messed with his car. For that interview, click here.

On a more serious note, Greene spoke to The Bee about the situation regarding Syracuse and said there was no wrongdoing on his part or on the part of the university. We'll have more in tomorrow's paper, but be sure to read the stories linked above to fully comprehend Greene's response.

Greene is linked because Ceruzzi Sports and Entertainment reportedly arranged a $50,000 loan for his uncle that the agency hoped would sway Greene to become a client in the time leading up to his declaring for the NBA draft last year. In the end, Greene hired Bill Strickland and has not done any business with Ceruzzi.

"I didn't go with (hire) the agent," he said. "Me and Syracuse didn't know nothing about it (the loan)."

Greene said he had a "falling out" with his uncle that took place long before this story broke yesterday. He said he didn't know about the loan until yesterday morning, when he received a phone call regarding the story.

"I never saw him," Greene said of his uncle, Derrick Marcano. "We really don't deal with each other. Not any more. We had a little falling out...The University can't get hurt because I didn't get the money. I didn't get the loan. They gave it to my uncle. I never saw any bit of the money. It's not that serious for me. Yeah, my name will be dragged into it, but it's not that serious."

To read the response from Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, click here. - Sam Amick

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