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May 29, 2009
Draft measurements released

CHICAGO - It's 2009, and the NBA just handed the media two pieces of paper connected by a staple. But because the papers hold the official measurements from Predraft Combine - and with no answer as to why this information couldn't be transmitted in digital form - someone has gone to the trouble of transferring said info. That someone was going to be me until I noticed that DraftExpress was a little quicker on that front, so click here to see the breakdowns.

Of most relevant to the Kings (at least at first glance) is the confirmation that Tyreke Evans (Memphis point guard/shooting guard) is a physical freak. He stands 6-foot-4, yet has a wingspan of 6-11 1/4. That's just plain old ridiculous, and the Kings were high on him before that news came out. Those wings could come in handy slowing down opposing offenses at the top of the defense or helping clog passing lanes.

On the flip side, UConn's Hasheem Thabeet isn't the 7-3 monster everyone said he was. He is 7-1 1/4 without shoes on and 7-2 1/2 with shoes. - Sam Amick

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