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May 13, 2009
Kings lose out as 'Koz' gets cut

LAS VEGAS - I'll be moving on to the Kings coaching search in Las Vegas with another blog post in mere moments here, but wanted to take a moment to lament the unfortunate layoff of Jim Kozimor today as part of the Kings' cuts.

The talented radio and TV man was always the finest of colleagues with me, eager to engage on all things Kings and always willing to compliment or criticize about the state of affairs in Kings land. He has always been intriguing on the air, a top-notch interviewer who mixes humor and substance with a light-hearted style. On TV, Kozimor, Kayte Christensen and Henry Turner were a goofy, yet informative, trio on the show which Kozimor says will no longer exist.

Having already left his evening radio show, Kozimor was admittedly stunned by the news. He opted to write out his thoughts instead of running the risk of saying more than he truly wanted to.

"It came as a huge shock and I am numb," he wrote in an e-mail. "I had a wonderful 11 season run and want to thank the Maloofs for this chance. I especially want to thank the fans, viewers and listeners and friends I made in the media. They made this a special time for me and my family. We will miss them." - Sam Amick

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