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June 3, 2009
A big question for Kings: Diogu or draftee?

At the risk of sounding like a blogging Bee commercial, our web site is pretty snazzy sometimes. Specifically, I'm a fan of the feature that allows readers to "recommend" a particular comment and have it displayed more prominently than the rest.

While peeking at today's story on a couple of the Kings' big man possibilities in the June 25 draft, I noticed this salient thought from "Iloveeveryone."

"Instead of focusing on drafting a big, how about focusing on signing Ike Diogu to help out our front line rotation. We already know what we got in Ike, and if the new coach can keep that fire lit under Ike from the end of the season, Ike can be a great player. Our current/could be front court is Spenc, Jason, Donte, and Ike. While it may not currently be 'great', it has potential to be a 'great' front line. I would much rather see the Kings take a good wing player or even another PG with the #23 pick. The #31 pick will just be traded or eventually cut/waived. Sign Ike!! He is the key to our front line rotation."

It's a valid point. Yet while Diogu certainly impressed in his final two games of the season, it certainly doesn't mean the Kings won't ponder possibilities like Tyler Hansbrough or Gani Lawal. For one, there's the age factor (Diogu is 25 compared to 23-year-old Hansbrough and 20-year-old Lawal) and the question of whether older is considered better from the standpoint of who can contribute quicker or if younger with more upside is the choice because of the bigger picture at hand. More importantly, there's the money factor: while no one sees the Kings picking up Diogu's qualifying offer of $3.9 million (at which point he would become an unrestricted free agent), he'll certainly cost more than a No. 23 pick ($972K in first of two guaranteed years) or a No. 31 pick (negotiable).

From there, there's plenty to debate about Diogu's skill set as compared to the others. Yet that situation will unfold, so we'll instead say hello to Hansbrough and Lawal. Be sure to peek at the actual story, then check out these interviews that were taken at Chicago Predraft Combine.



- Sam Amick

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