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June 12, 2009
Brandon Jennings on Ricky Rubio: "I think the dude is all hype."

Unreal press conference with Syracuse's Jonny Flynn and - more importantly for these purposes - Italian professional/Oak Hill Academy product and Compton born and bred Brandon Jennings. Jennings and Flynn went at each other in a mega-workout that also included UCLA's Jrue Holiday in his second workout with the Kings.

And after Jennings showed off his game in a big way on the floor, he went about making huge headlines off of it. He was asked about Rubio and the fact that he isn't likely to work out for teams and will only interview, while Jennings is taking on big-time prospects The first Rubio mention is around the 1:30 mark, but it gets real juicy around 5:05, when Jennings is asked about the one time he faced off with Rubio (Flynn is on the left, Jennings on the right)


This second video is more focused on the workout. Jennings wasn't shy here either, pointing out that his team beat Flynn's and how Flynn wanted to go again...


Q: How did he (Rubio) do and how would he do to compare to the other guys in college now?

A: "Well when I was playing he only zero assists and two turnovers, you know you tell me how that was."

Q: How many minutes was he (Rubio) playing?

A: "We had about even minutes, I had 12 points, about six assists, that was the most I ever played was 30 minutes. I was a little winded but I still think I got the best of him."

Q: How would he compare to the college freshman for example?

A: "Well put it like this, if he was in a workout with me, Jonny Flynn, Drew Holiday, (Ty) Lawson, and Stephen Curry he wouldn't even be at the top."

Q: Do you think he's all hype?

A: "Yeah because he played in the Olympics, been playing pro ball since 14, you know there it is right there. His stats you know 26 minutes, having 16 points, seven assists, nine steals in 26 minutes, and you have all that? You know, I really don't know, I can't wait to play him though."

Q: Is it safe to say you think should go before Ricky Rubio in the draft?

A: "Yeah, I think I'm a better player think he is, I can shoot the ball better than he can, you know the only time I have seen him do something is when he has a homerun pass or something like that. I think the dude is just all hype. I can't even front you know, I'm just going to be real with you guys." - Sam Amick

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