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June 12, 2009
Can Flynn defend?

After hearing Brandon Jennings' verbal dunk on Ricky Rubio, it's easy to forget he wasn't the only point guard of note at today's workouts.

Jrue Holiday of UCLA was in town for his second workout. It was also Syracuse star Jonny Flynn's chance to workout for the Kings.

Syracuse plays a lot of zone defense. Well, basically all Syracuse plays is zone defense.

So I asked Flynn how playing for Syracuse helped him prepare to defend NBA point guards.

"It doesn't prepare you at all," Flynn said with a laugh. "You sit in a zone all day."

Should the Kings draft Flynn, the 6-0, 186-pound burner would need to be ready to defend some of the fastest players in the Western Conference.

It's hard to tell if a Syracuse guard can do that because of the zone defense.

"On defense your athleticism gets hidden a lot," Flynn said. "You come out here and see (Kings forward and former Syracuse player) Donte Greene and you might look at him and be like nobody from Syracuse can play defense. But in practice we go over defensive principles"

But there's no denying Flynn is an athlete.

At the end of a three-man weave, Flynn took the ball and dunked it easily. He barely touched the rim, easily getting the ball over the hoop and dropping it through.

Flynn is built more like he played for the Syracuse football team so he should be able to put up a fight against bigger guards. His build reminds me a bit of the Lakers' Derek Fisher.

Besides Jennings comments, his speed and quickness were also impressive. It's safe to say he'd be the kind of point guard that would push the ball.

Flynn compared himself to Chris Paul because of his toughness. Jennings compared himself to Rajon Rondo.

The key in both comparisons you have to like is both Paul and Rondo defend and look to involve their teammates.

--Jason Jones

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