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June 4, 2009
Kings draft database and coaching search qualifiers

We'll start with the coaching search, which I update in this story but wanted to touch on further in the trusty blog.

For starters, there's the qualifier on Kings co-owner Joe Maloof telling me there would be a decision "pretty quickly." A few moments after making that statement, he reverted back to the same old desire to have a coach in place before the June 25 draft. That's obviously a ways off, and certainly doesn't qualify as quickly in my book.

Now as for the more recent chatter about the search, there were some relevant thoughts from Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie that couldn't fit in print but are worth touching on. For the first time since the Kings interviewed Tom Thibodeau, I had a chance to ask Petrie about the fact that the Boston associate head coach simply doesn't fit the parameters that were set forth in the beginning - "no more grand experiements," as he had said - because he has no head coaching experience.

"No, that's true," Petrie quickly acknowledged. "He doesn't fit the total profile that I'd talked about, but I was impressed with him the last time (he interviewed two years ago) and he was somebody that Joe and Gavin (Maloof) had really wanted to talk to. In terms of experience, the breadth of people he has worked for is all very good."

Now on to the ongoing draft coverage...


There's just no reason for any of the material being produced on the draft to be lost on folks who always want more, so let's get our aggregating on. (Omri Casspi video below as well)

Starting in reverse order, I wanted to share this interview with Omri Casspi from Chicago. The Israeli small forward is a fascinating story, as he is hoping to become the first player from his country to play in the NBA and is a candidate for the Kings at No. 23 or perhaps No. 31. He works out in Sacramento on Thursday (headlining with UCLA point guard Darren Collison and joined by other lower-profile prospects), at which point our chat from the Windy City would be rendered irrelevant.

That's the new stuff. Now on to the old stuff, here is a list of stories and blogs that we've produced to this point (from newest to oldest, beginning after the Kings learned they would be picking fourth - in addition to their No. 23 and No. 31 picks).


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